All ahead full after first week of Japan's legacy carriers working as ONE

ALL appears to have gone well after the first week of Japan's legacy
carriers - NYK, MOL and "K" Line - working as ONE, and bringing 1.4
million TEU capacity to the market to it the world's sixth biggest
ocean carrier.

"We have ensured a smooth start," region head and managing director of
Ocean Network Express (East Asia) Ltd, Mr Shunichiro Mizukami, said.

"We concentrate on ensuring that all continues to work smoothly," he
said. "In 2018, we will keep our feet on the ground and staying close
to the market."

"ONE is hybrid-carrier, big enough to survive, yet small enough to
care," said Mr Mizukami.

While ONE is based in Singapore, the lion's of its business, some
global headquarters functions, including pricing and handling of key
global accounts, because the China export market is what matters most.

What has been and will be of vital concern, he said, is maintaining
peerless service to Japanese BCOs, whose holdings, factories and
plants are scattered the world over, but mostly in Japan, Korea,
mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the East Asia region covered by Mr
Mizukami's Hong Kong office.