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Before BSAA was established, a handful of shipping lines joined together as a grouping known as the Bangkok Shipping Interest (BSI). The group’s main objective was to be a mouthpiece for maritime operators in Thailand, especially when coordinating with government agencies. It was also designed as a center at which members could exchange ideas and information. One of the principal founders of BSI as Mr. Somporn Sanyapreedakul, also known as Mr. K.T. Koh From the outset, BSI’s members consisted of local shipping lines and a few agents representing foreign shipping lines. As time passed, the world economy, including Thailand’s expanded, international trade boomed and so did the shipping industry. Because of BSI’s success in dealing with problems and offering benefits to its members, more companies applied for membership in the group. Later it became apparent that a formal association with a real focal point regarding maritime interests was needed. Hence it was that in 1968, the Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association – or BSAA – was registered as a bona fide trade association. Members include not only shipping lines and agents, but also logistics providers, port operators, trucking companies, law firms with interests in maritime law, transportation management companies and other maritime related agencies.