Trump to open front in trade war on European Union's non-tariff barriers

EUROPEAN Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker can expected to be the focus of tough negotiations at the hands of US President Donald Trump, reports Bloomberg News.

"The European Union doesn't let our agricultural products in," he said. "They have a wall. It's not even a tariff. They have a wall," said President Trump.

"It's ridiculous that you have a NATO to protect Germany from a certain country and then you're paying a fortune to that certain country," he said in an interview with Bloomberg. "'What kind of a deal is that?"'

"We're competing against not only, not only the yuan, we're competing against the euro," he said. "They keep dropping, dropping, dropping."

In July, there was a truce with Mr Junker, president of the European Commission, the executive branch of the EU.

Said Mr Junker: "As is the case with ceasefires, they're sometimes at risk", then he said if the US raises tariffs on car imports, the EU will retaliate.

President Trump has rejected EU proposals to eliminate auto tariffs and threatened to quit the World Trade Organisation. "I would say the WTO was the single worst trade deal ever made," he said.

EU officials left Washington after Mr Juncker's July visit privately confessing that they knew that any deal with America's current president was vulnerable to his whims.

"It's not good enough" he said of the EU's auto tariff elimination offer made earlier on. "Their habits, their consumer habits are to buy their cars, not to buy our cars," he said.