CMA CGM introduces innovative container tracking solution

IN a move to boost customer satisfaction CMA CGM has launched its new
connected containers product 'TRAXENS by CMA CGM', which will allow
clients to efficiently track their merchandise with data transmitted
in near real time.

The connected device solution is a product of the group's investment
in French start-up TRAXENS and co-development work on a device that
offers unique traceability for location, temperature and shocks as
well as door opening.

The commercial deployment is being rolled out after a pilot phase
where CMA CGM led various and numerous tests and has produced a tool
that can help clients optimise their supply chains.

TRAXENS by CMA CGM is a connected box fixed on the container which
enables the collection and transmission of the containers' position,
the intensity of potential shocks, external temperature variations,
with a soon-to-be-added feature also measuring internal humidity and
temperature, as well as monitoring the opening and closing of doors.

The data is transmitted in near-real-time, allowing clients to
efficiently track their merchandise and thus be more reactive at each
step of the transportation process. Supply chain management is
simplified through an online intuitive and user-friendly interface
updated in real time.

TRAXENS by CMA CGM also offers an extra diagnostic product option that
can help enhance supply chain optimisation. In addition to the
transferred data, a project team follows and supports the customers in
analysing their data, enabling clients to identify logistics issues
and implement concrete solutions to optimise costs and security.

Senior vice president Commercial and Agency Network Mathieu Friedberg
said: "CMA CGM reaffirms its Customer Centricity Strategy by offering
this innovative solution. With nearly 19 million containers carried in
2017, the generalisation of smart containers in the Group's fleet will
allow us to collect and analyse a lot of information necessary to
improve the service offered to customers and will help them optimise
their supply chain."